I'm on a mission to make HALSKA as sustainable and eco friendly as possible. 

I want to give you an alternative to brands that are mass-produced overseas without a focus on sustainability or the environment.

Eventually I want to offer high quality 100% organic cotton products that are ethically manufactured in Australia. I'm working towards this goal and in the mean time have already made changes to make my range better for the environment.

My current designs are printed & embroidered on AS Colour garments, which are well known for their quality and responsible sourcing, including organic options which I've included in my range and a traceable, ethical supply chain.


T-Shirts & Tanks
100% Organic Cotton
Quality cotton grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides - GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified

100% Combed Cotton

Hats (Unstructured, Cord, 5-panel)
100% Cotton

Hats (Snapback)
80% acrylic 20% wool 

100% acrylic



I use eco friendly cardboard boxes instead of plastic for shipping all of my items. I have purposely sourced high-quality packaging with the intention of them being great to re-use after you unbox your products. The box is self-locking which means there's no annoying tape that will ruin the appearance, making it perfect for many uses after opening.



I run this company by myself, from my apartment in Cronulla. This means that once I have the products made directly from the printer in Sydney, I handle everything myself. This reduces the amount of transport and handling that other companies require when dealing with mass quantities.

By hand-packing, labelling, and dropping the items off at the post-office myself, I keep my carbon footprint to a minimum.


If you have any question for my about my brand, i'd be happy to chat. Feel free to send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.