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Article: A Thank You note from me, the owner of HALSKA

A Thank You note from me, the owner of HALSKA

A massive thank you from me 🙏

When I started HALSKA last year I had no idea if it would grow or it anyone would support it. I started this brand by myself as a passion project, to give people like you the option of selecting more sustainable options that still look great.

Thanks to all of you I've been able to make small steps to improve my environmental impact, here are some of my highlights:

  • I moved away from a print on demand method to holding inventory at my place. This meant that less people were involved in the manufacturing (better for the environment), I was able to use local printers (higher quality, local) and control the packaging and shipping times (items are posted within 1-2 days instead of 3-4 weeks)
  • I upgraded my packaging to custom eco cardboard boxes which ensure a higher quality experience when you get the product and ditched the plastic bags
  • I improved the quality of my products by using local suppliers, having my label attached to every item which means each option in my range has high quality from start to finish
  • I moved the core of my range (t-shirts and tanks) to organic cotton which is incredibly comfortable and much better for the environment
  • I worked with locals for some of my photography and models, portraying the community I want to build
  • I heard GREAT things from all of you! I have a large number of customers who have ordered 3-5 times with me and keep sending me positive notes about my range
  • I saw happy customers post photos of them in my products on social media, helping raise awareness of my brand and genuinely motivating me to keep going

All of this has enabled me to keep moving forward and I'm excited to announce some of the upcoming changes that I'll be making:

  • I'll continuously be expanding my range, I have some beach tote bags and masks on the way, as well as even more hat options
  • Restocking your favourite items, especially the blue unstructured hats which FLY out the door 
  • Introducing new items such as hoodies for winter
  • Introducing an option for Aussie made organic t-shirts (I've found a great small manufacturer that has a really nice modern style which I'll be introducing soon)
  • I want to partner with other local brands who offer sustainable options to really help build a community of local, eco-friendly products that we can be proud of

Thanks again for making this possible. I do all this in my own time outside of my full-time job and appreciate everyone one of you who has supported me so far. I'm so excited to see what 2021 holds for my brand.


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