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Article: Does the perfect Australian summer shirt exist?

Does the perfect Australian summer shirt exist? - HALSKA

Does the perfect Australian summer shirt exist?

I haven't been able to find an Australian made, 100% organic cotton t-shirt that's specifically designed for the Aussie Summer, so have decided to make one myself.

When I started this brand I had a goal of getting my own style of clothing manufactured in Australia, using sustainable and ethical methods with 100% organic cotton. I wanted to design my own cut of shirt that looks stylish, is manufactured with the highest quality, feels comfortable, and gives back.

I'm so excited to announce that this is happening! I've been wearing the sample for the past two days and LOVE it. I've got a few tweaks to make to make it fit even better, but I couldn't believe how much I honestly loved it.

Living at Cronulla which is one of Sydney's amazing beaches, I enjoy being out and about, surfing, going to the local cafe, walking, having a picnic or BBQ with mates, or heading out for a drink at night. This shirt will suit this lifestyle, allowing me to go from the beach, to the cafe, to the bar, to the city and even the office without having to change my style.

Trying on my sample shirt


The style

I've designed a shirt that has a longer fit with a small split hem at the bottom, making a stylish silhouette that dresses up any outfit.

The neck scoop is slightly larger that a standard shirt, meaning that it won't suffocate you in the heat, and will allow you to apply sunscreen without it annoying you.

The cut of the shirt sits nicely on your body, not being too tight or too loose, just right.


The material

The best material for the summer heat is 100% cotton as it's comfortable and breathable. I've made sure to use locally produced 100% organic cotton, making sure that it's extremely cosy, durable and respectful of the environment.


The quality

As a designer I am obsessed with the details. If you've ordered from my brand before you'd know that I put extra effort into my products, from the premium packaging they arrive in, to the comfort and quality of the products, to the customer service I personally provide.

I'm controlling every aspect of this production so am making sure to have the highest quality materials, production and fit.


Giving back

You should know by now that giving back is part of our DNA here at HALSKA. I've been donating 5% to charity as a default, and even more for my bundle boxes.

Not only are these shirts going to be a more sustainable shirt due to the materials, local manufacturing, and reduced transport costs by keeping everything local, I'll also be focusing a large part of the sales to charity.

I won't give away too many details yet, but I'll be doing a limited release for a design which will help mental health awareness and donate a huge portion directly to charity with the launch of these shirts.

When can you get one you ask? soon! I'm getting another sample made to ensure the tweaks I've made to the current on make this the perfect shirt for you, and I'm expecting them to be ready mid-late November so they are here and ready for you for summer and Christmas.

As you may expect, local manufacturing costs more than overseas mass-produced clothing, which is why it's very rare to see any business doing this. This is why I need your help! Every sale I get helps me raise enough money to keep switching my items over to Aussie produced-sustainable clothing.

One day my whole range will be 100% Australian Made, using sustainable materials while retaining high quality, stylish fits.

Help me get there faster by purchasing some of my high quality items.

I'm so excited to keep updating you on this journey!

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