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Article: My quest to make the best sustainable Australian-made plain white and black T-shirt

My quest to make the best sustainable Australian-made plain white and black T-shirt - HALSKA

My quest to make the best sustainable Australian-made plain white and black T-shirt

As someone who's a fan of minimalist design and cares deeply about sustainability I set out to create the best Australian-made sustainable organic plain black and white T-shirt there is. After searching and searching for the perfect plain white tee I had no luck finding any good quality Australian-made options. There are some great plain tees out there but none of them are made in Australia and use ethical or sustainable methods.

I started by researching other styles of tees, ordering samples to get a feel for the fit, packaging, quality and wear of these shirts. I then took the best bits of these shirts, combined them with my vision of what I want in a tee, and started sketching options.

After landing on a sketch that I liked, I decided to start looking into manufacturing. It's much cheaper and easier to user overseas producers, which is why all other brands do this, but knowing I want to stand for something more important than money I quickly decided that Australian manufacturing was a must-have, so started my search for local producers. I found a small family run manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia who specialises in making great quality tees with attention to detail.

I then started investigating fabrics, trying to understand the best for our Aussie conditions. Knowing that I wanted this to be a perfect summer tee I opted for a really beautiful organic 100% cotton, which provides the breathability that we need for those warmer days, without sacrificing the quality and hard wearing nature of a medium thickness fabric.

I put all of these together, got some samples made of the fit, tweaked it a bit to make it fit just right, and then fell in love with the updated samples.

Now that my shape and fit was perfect, I set out to add a slight design flair to add some character to these tees without being over the top. I decided to get a subtle slash embroidered on the pocket area with the thread colour matching the tee. This addition gives the shirt a nice minimalist look, making it unique and stylish.

All of these elements came together to form my Australian-made subtle slash organic tee, giving Australians everywhere a great quality locally produced tee.

I'm really proud of this one and hope to be able to bring more and more items to my range using a similar sustainable Aussie production. I'd love for you to try it for yourself and let me know what you think, I want to keep improving my brand and my range to give you the best Australian clothing brand there is.

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